Insurance and Pensions Supervision

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07/12/2017  Circular relating to a Legal Entity Identifier under MIFID II and MIFIR as applicable to Retirement Schemes licensed under the Retirement Pensions Act
29/11/2017  Circular to licensed Service Providers who are required to submit the annual and quarterly financial returns as stipulated under Part B of the Pension Rules for Service Providers issued in terms of the Retirement Pensions Act, 2011
04/09/2017  Circular - Packaged Retail and Insurance - Based Investment Products (“PRIIPs”) Regulation - Guidelines issued by the European Commission
04/09/2017  Circular - Insurance Distribution Directive (“IDD”) Regulation - Delegated Regulation on the Insurance Product Information Document (“IPID”)
02/08/2017  Note for Information - Amendments to Insurance Rules
19/07/2017  Note for Information on the Amendments to Insurance Rules and Insurance Intermediaries Rules relating to Complaints
19/07/2017  Note for Information on Amendments to the Pension Rules for Service Providers relating to Complaints
28/06/2017  Note for information on changes to Chapter 14 of the Insurance Rules - Application Forms for RSPVs and RSPV SCCs
22/05/2017  Circular letter to insurance and reinsurance undertakings relating to the changes to the Personal Injury Discount Rate in the UK (“Ogden Discount Rate”)
27/04/2017  Circular addressed to Reinsurance Special Purpose Vehicles who are required to submit the annual information stipulated under Article 14.3 of Chapter 14 of the Insurance Rules issued under the Insurance Business Act (Cap. 403)
10/04/2017  Circular relating to the Transposition of the Insurance Distribution Directive
29/03/2017  Circular relating to EIOPA Guidelines on Facilitating an Effective Dialogue between Insurance Supervisors and Statutory Auditors
15/03/2017  Circular to Enrolled Persons carrying on Insurance Intermediaries Activities who are required to submit the management accounts and the compliance statements in terms of their licensing conditions
26/01/2017  Circular to the Market - Assessment Required Prior To Proposing Individuals for Approved Positions
12/01/2017  Note for Information – Amendments to Annex – “Complaints Reported by Insurance Undertakings”, to Chapter 12 of the Insurance Rules
02/11/2016  Circular on clarifications to the insurance industry following the introduction of new audit committee requirements
26/10/2016  Circular on Schemes which qualify as Qualifying Recognised Overseas Pension Schemes
14/10/2016  Circular for Insurance and Reinsurance Undertakings on Reinsurance/Retrocession Reporting
08/08/2016  Circular regarding an EU Consultation document on Review of Macro-Prudential Policy Framework
05/07/2016  Circular to applicants for financial services authorisations