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29/05/201755-2017 Cancellation of Registration by Hand Ltd
26/05/201754-2017 Suspension of Collective Investment Scheme Licence of MCM Global Opportunities Fund SICAV plc
25/05/201753-2017 Surrender of Licences by Brewin Dolphin Portfolios Limited
09/05/201752-2017 Surrender of Licence of RohFund Global SICAV plc in relation to SIPA Balanced Fund
08/05/201751-2017 Surrender of Licence by Bosphorus Umbrella SICAV plc
05/05/201750-2017 Surrender of licence by Swiss Investment Funds SICAV plc in relation to Alpha Polaris Diversified Fund (“the Sub-Fund”)
21/04/201749-2017 Surrender of Licence by Fondeum Fund SICAV plc
19/04/201748-2017 Surrender of Licence by AUM Global Platform SICAV plc in relation to Africa Mining and Infrastructure Fund
17/04/201747-2017 Public Notice - Regulatory Action against Temple Asset Management Limited
17/04/201746-2017 Public Notice - Office of the Arbiter for Financial Services
17/04/201745-2017 Surrender of Licence by Valoris Fund SICAV plc
17/04/201744-2017 Surrender of Licence by The Absolute Return Multi-Strategy Fund (SICAV) plc
07/04/201743-2017 Public Notice - Baltimore Fiduciary Services Limited
06/04/201742-2017 Surrender of Licences of Woodman Funds SICAV plc granted in relation to Woodman Emerging Markets FX Fund, Woodman Conviction Fund and Woodman Equity Dynamic Fund
05/04/201741-2017 Surrender of Licence of Strategica Funds SICAV plc in relation to TICHE CAPITAL Fund
05/04/201740-2017 Surrender of Licence by EurAsia Alternative Investments Fund SICAV plc in relation to EurAsia Alternative Investments Fund 3 and EurAsia Alternative Investments Fund 4
05/04/201739-2017 Surrender of Licence by Waterfront SICAV plc in relation to Global Assets Fund
04/04/201738-2017 Surrender of Licence by Southern Cross SICAV plc in relation to Stratos Real Estate Fund
15/03/201737-2017 Suspension of Licence by Strategica Funds SICAV plc
10/03/201736-2017 LandOverseas Fund SICAV plc – Suspension of Collective Investment Scheme Licence