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15/03/201737-2017 Suspension of Licence by Strategica Funds SICAV plc
10/03/201736-2017 LandOverseas Fund SICAV plc – Suspension of Collective Investment Scheme Licence
09/03/201735-2017 Surrender of Licence by Meridon Funds SICAV plc granted in relation to Meridon Czech Balanced Fund
09/03/201734-2017 Surrender of Licence by Pluri-Invest SICAV plc
07/03/201733-2017 Suspension of Authorisation of Venture Services Limited
07/03/201732-2017 Suspension of Authorisation of FPC Wealth Management Limited
27/02/201731-2017 Surrender of Licences by HSBC No-Load Funds SICAV plc
24/02/201730-2017 Surrender of Licence by Productivity Media SICAV plc
24/02/201729-2017 Surrender of Licence by Royal Fund SICAV plc
24/02/201728-2017 Surrender of Licence by Capital Asset Management Limited
23/02/201727-2017 Surrender of Licence by Brokart Investment Unit Trust Fund
21/02/201726-2017 Surrender of Licence by Bestum Universalis Fund IC SICAV plc
21/02/201725-2017 Surrender of Licence by Focus Funds SICAV plc granted in relation to PFF Fine Art Invest Fund, PFF Piz Palue Fund and PFF Almira Special Bond Fund.
13/02/201724-2017 Surrender of Licence by Eiger SICAV plc granted in relation to Eiger 23 Fund
08/02/201723-2017 Cancellation of Registration by Mr Giancarlo Renato Tolu
08/02/201722-2017 Surrender of Licence by TRIPS SICAV plc granted in relation to the GTRIP Fund (“the Sub-Fund”)
07/02/201721-2017 Surrender of Licence Custom House Global Fund Services Limited
07/02/201720-2017 Public Notice - SMS Insurance Agency
07/02/201719-2017 Surrender of Licence by Rascasse Capital SICAV plc granted in relation to Scheme and Sub-Fund Rascasse Energy Europe Fund
06/02/201718-2017 Suspension of Licence by Global and Emerging Market Real Estate Funds SICAV plc